We need a system change.

This is an emergency. The economic and political structures ordering our biosphere are in crisis. The climate crisis and ecological impoverishment are big, wide-ranging and complex problems. Hence a holistic system change is needed urgently. Over the last 40 years, the electoral system has proved incapable of making the long-term decisions needed to deal with the climate and ecological emergency. Politicians simply can’t seize issues that don’t bear political fruits within an election term.

A Citizen’s Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice offers a way out of a political dead-lock. It will empower citizens to participate in decision making more directly and politicians to follow with less fear of political backlash.

Citizens’ Assemblies are representative of society with particular attention paid to hearing from those who  have no representation or voice in our current political systems. They can address structural inequality, and consider how to mitigate the impacts of the changes on the most vulnerable people.

Citizens’ Assembly
Intro to People’s Assemblies