With more democracy against climate change

Our politicians have failed to tackle climate change adequately. The representatives in Parliament and Government have proven themselves incapable of making long-term decisions guiding us towards a carbon-neutral and socially just society. We therefore demand the expansion of our representative democratic system. We call on the Finnish state to create and be led by a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and environmental justice.

In view of the enormous and urgent challenges posed by the climate crisis, we demand the expansion of our political system by a democratic body that prioritizes the well-being of current and future generations over short-term electoral goals. A Citizens’ Assembly on climate and environmental justice offers a way out of the political dead-end. By enabling broader citizens’ participation and informed decision-making regarding a carbon neutral future, a Citizens’ Assembly would empower representatives in Parliament and Government to take effective and extensive measures tackling the climate crisis.

Citizens’ Assemblies are a form of deliberative democracy – a democratic and inclusive process that enables ordinary citizens to reach political decisions regarding a particular issue. The members of a Citizens’ Assembly are selected by random to ensure that the body represents the whole society and they are informed and advised by impartial experts for well-informed decisions to be reached. Citizens’ Assemblies tackle social and structural inequalities since they also hear societal groups that are either excluded from participation in the current political system or currently underrepresented in Parliament and Government.

Read more about how citizens’ assembly on climate and environmental justice, and movement decision-making oriented people’s assemblies work.

Citizens’ assembly
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