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Extinction Rebellion Finland’s guerrilla gardening team is currently transforming a tram stop into a pollinator oasis in downtown Helsinki near the Natural History Museum. The action aims to highlight insect and pollinator decline and decreasing natural biodiversity. The guerrilla gardening team calls for cities to establish pollinator-friendly green areas to...

​Extinction Rebellion Finland held a demonstration on Saturday​ 7 May at 5 PM, blocking the gates to the security checks. 28 demonstrators were taken ​​​​​into police custody. In total, 60 people protested inside the airport, supported by some 30 people outside it.

A demonstration by Extinction Rebellion Finland is underway at Helsinki-Vantaa airport on Saturday 7 May since 3 pm. Approximately 50 activists have blocked entrance to security check in terminal T2. There is also a demonstration outside the airport building.