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If you are returning to rebellion but are having problems accessing internal communication channels, please contact technical support, or see instructions for troubleshooting here.

Working groups

Working groups, or "circles" as we call them in self-organizing terminology, form the core of the national organization. Each group has its own area of responsibility which it takes care of autonomously.

Actions and Logistics

Community and Growth

Citizen's Assembly

Forest Rebellion


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Regenerative culture

Self-organizing Systems

Working Group Coordination

Local groups

Extinction Rebellion Finland operates in different regions of Finland as local groups. Local groups are an easy way to get involved in the rebellion. Here you can find more detailed info about currently existing Elokapina local groups.

Espoo [email protected]
Helsinki [email protected]
Joensuu [email protected]
Jyväskylä [email protected]
Kotka [email protected]
Kuopio [email protected]
Lappeenranta [email protected]
Oulu [email protected]
Pori [email protected]
Rovaniemi [email protected]
Tampere [email protected]
Turku [email protected]

Community groups

Extinction Rebellion Finland is aims to be a movement of movements. If you like to engage in your professional, religious, or other community group, then community groups are the ways to go.

XR Nuoret [email protected]
XR Kristityt [email protected]
XR Lääkärit [email protected]
Maaseutukapina [email protected]
XR Yliopisto [email protected]
Eläinkapina [email protected]
Queerkapina [email protected]
45+ [email protected]

Media and press

See our press page for information on latest actions and corresponding media / press contacts.

Connect with us also in social media:

Secure contact

In matters that require enhanced privacy, you can contact us via encrypted email:

PGP-key for [email protected] address / [email protected] / [email protected]

Note that in case of protonmail and tutanota strong encryption is only available by default when sending within the services’ own addresses. However, we have listed them here, because some might consider them to be easier to use than PGP encryption.