We have the following three demands.

  1. Tell The Truth

    The government must declare climate and ecological emergency and begin regular emergency announcements.

  2. Act Now

    The government must pass a binding legislation to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, and without delay start vast ecological reconstruction.1

  3. Beyond Politics

    Government must form a Citizens’ Assembly chosen by lot. The Assembly deliberates on research to make suggestions for socially just emission reduction and nature conservation measures. The parliament must act on the CA’s decisions. Read more about Citizen’s Assembly.

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  1. To nationally stay in limits of Paris climate agreement 1,5 degrees emission quota, divided equally between all nations on earth, Finland must reach net zero emissions by 2025. In this calculation both domestic and consumption-based emissions of Finland are taken into account. At current rate of emissions Finland will overshoot its budget in four years. Considering principle of historic climate justice, should net zero emissions be reached even sooner.