Let’s rebel against the present utopia

Utopia Rebellion is a vision of a better world, but also a rebellion against our present utopia. Utopias are often considered naive and something that are impossible to achieve, yet we are still propping up a utopia of continuous economic growth at the expense of our own health, the global South and the lives of next generations. Study after study, most recently the sixth IPCC report published in April 2022, say it clearly: we have been wrong. The capitalist, consumption-based growth model we thought was rational is not based on facts, but an illusion of endless resources and blind selfishness. This absurd fantasy cannot continue any longer.

…and replace it with something that works!

In the current utopia of the Western society, social standing and the sense of safety and permanence are based on owning things. However, attaching our sense of safety into material possessions is very risky – the possessions can be destroyed in, for example, a natural catastrophe. We also know that our planet cannot withstand the material intensity of our societies. Corporations have, through their marketing efforts, succeeded in appropriating a number of very fundamental concepts, such as love, to advance their own objectives. This results in confusion about what is worth endeavouring for and what means are permitted. The current system encourages greed at the cost of empathy and other important qualities. Our society rewards those who act in ways that are harmful to the whole.

Work, the act of working and the role of the worker who performs the work should be meaningful. In the utopia we propose, work should be done primarily to secure the preconditions of life and reduce suffering everywhere. In a utopian society, the notion of work, and what work and activity are desirable in terms of survival, are rethought. Social priorities are chosen taking the limits of our planet and the wellbeing of individuals, communities and ecosystems into account.

The present wellbeing discourse has turned personal wellbeing into individual self-improvement projects where happiness can be achieved with money: by purchasing wellness services and organic goods. Yet despite all this talk about wellbeing we, as a society, feel worse and worse. Individuals of all ages are exhausted and struggle with a constant sense of inadequacy. Being exhausted is also a feeling familiar to activists. Responsibility for wellbeing and emission reductions has been pushed onto the level of the individual and consumer choice instead of social decision-making. Utopia Rebellion recognises the political dimensions of wellbeing and calls for responsibility and action from political decision-makers.

All of our attempts to understand the world are stories, and our current story is a threat to our existence. For us to be able to build a new and exploitation-free society we must be able to imagine it. Extinction Rebellion provides not only love and caring but also tools in Kapinautopia. Tools to help take care of ourselves, each other and the environment that nourishes us. Info -talks on the Climate Crisis and environmental destruction, and workshops on talking about the crisis, dealing with climate anxiety, anti-racism, and creating safer spaces are held in the Utopiakapina-weekend. The Utopia-weekend program also includes info on the Climate Crisis for Members of Parliament, talking-workshops for example in parenting in eco-crisis and repairing current practices, local-and communitygroup’s fair, music, dance, Elo-poetry, warmth and presence.

Join us in creating a new, better and more sustainable story for all of us – and rebel for life!