We welcome everyone and every part of everyone.

We actively strive toward creating safer spaces for people of color, for those who identify as LGBTQ, for disabled, for immigrants and for other marginalized people. We can together create a just world for everyone only if everyone can be in an equal way part of creating it.

Withdraw your consent from the current catastrophe trend and join rebellion. We must do this together. We need you. The world needs you.

Join us

Follow these simple steps to find the information you need to get involved with Extinction Rebellion.

  1. Join the Extinction Rebellion
    Part 1

    Join the Extinction Rebellion (part 1)The first step in joining Extinction Rebellion is an introduction session. In the introduction you learn what science has to say about the ecological/climate crisis, get to know Exctinction Rebellion’s strategy, values and principles, get information on how you can participate in the movement, and meet some fellow XR rebels. Participating in an introduction session does not commit you to anything. Introduction sessions are arranged regularly in Helsinki and using video connections, sometimes also in other cities. You can join any session, and after the introduction we help you get in touch with your local group.

    Upcoming introduction sessions
    Why we rebel
    Values and principles
    Our demands
    Watch video introduction (24 min)

  2. Join the Extinction Rebellion
    Part 2

    Join the Extinction Rebellion (part 2) Civil disobedience training gives you the knowledge and the skills you need to participate in Extinction Rebellion actions. In the training you learn about the fundamental principles of civil disobedience, the theory and practice of direct non-violent action, and the methods used by Extinction Rebellion. The training is recommended even if you don’t intend to participate in any civil disobedience action. You can take the training after participating in an introduction session (see part 1). Participating in the training does not commit you to anything – you can come just to see what it is about and learn something new. Civil disobedience trainings are arranged regularly in Helsinki and using video connections, sometimes also in other cities.

    Upcoming training sessions
    Action consensus

  3. Action

    The most prominent part of Extinction Rebellion are our civil disobedience actions, but we have activity between actions as well. You can join Exctinction Rebellion through your local group and various community groups, which you can join after completing the introduction (see part 1).

    Local groups
    Working groups
    Community groups