Extinction Rebellion Finland returns to the streets for the summer, so that our society would understand how serious the current situation is and so that we can act as urgently as the situation requires.

According to the UN Secretary-General, humanity is engaged in a self-destructive struggle against the nature of our planet. Finland and 33 other countries have been sued to the European Court of Human Rights for insufficient emission reduction measures. Children and young people around the world are waking up to the reality that a dying planet is being left in their hands, and are taking legal measures to secure their future.

The latest research suggests that that there is already so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that it is no longer possible to limit warming below 2.0 degrees at the current carbon dioxide levels. Between two and three degrees of warming, the living areas of a billion people will turn into regions of ​​extreme heat like the Sahara, unsuitable for human life, and every tenth of a degree will exacerbate the situation exponentially. This could happen by 2050.

According to U.S. Navy researchers, changing the climate and knowingly allowing it to happend is in itself extreme, widespread, and ongoing violence. By heating the climate, industrialized countries are, in fact, waging an unjustified war against the people living in the withering lands. Genocide researchers call the climate crisis an ecocidal mass murder caused by the current system and its rulers. We have no right to continue to heat the climate and ruin the living conditions of other people.

Finland must end its involvement in the mass murder of future generations, and set a model for other high-emission states.

Still, the Finnish state intends to continue heating the climate for another 14 years, until 2035. At the same time, Finland will exceed its carbon budget under the Paris Agreement in four years.

Are Finnish politicians waking up to this situation? The government’s tradeoffs during the mid-term policy review concerning the necessary additional emission reductions show that things are not looking good.

During the summer we rebel

Through the protests of the Summer Rebellion we demand that the government declares a state of climate emergency and starts crisis communication to tell Finns the facts about the climate crisis. In addition, we demand that Finland stops heating the climate as soon as possible and that the government puts an end to the over-consumption of natural resources by people living in Finland. Also read XR Finland’s three demands.

We demand all this to protect nature and forests, our trees and our winters which we would otherwise lose. We demand all this to support our fellow human beings in the Global South. We also demand all this for our own self-defense.

Come along to show that as human beings we understand the extreme seriousness of the situation and what is at stake, and that as citizens we are prepared to act accordingly by exercising non-violent civil disobedience.

Join us in demanding radical change

1. Join our training

Before the Summer Rebellion, XR Finland organizes civil disobedience trainings, onboardings and other events, where the operating principles of XR Finland are reviewed and more detailed information is given on how to get involved in the Summer Rebellion. You can get more information about the trainings by following XR Finland’s (Elokapina) Facebook page or Instagram.

There are plenty of events in our calendar, choose the one that suits you best!

You can also express your interest in other upcoming trainings by sending an email to: koulutus@elokapina.me – we will get in touch with you!

2. Visit the rebellion center

The Elokapina Rebellion Center will rise in Helsinki, Senate Square on June 16. The Rebellion Center hosts a variety of interesting events. You are welcome to enjoy the program and meet other rebels. You can get more information about the events of the Rebellion Center via the soon-to-be-published Facebook event.


Want to rebel for life but can’t take part in the Summer Rebellion? You can support XR Finland’s operations and the summer Rebellion financially through Elonvaalijat ry’s small fundraiser. The donations will be used for the Summer Rebellion’s tents, tech and other expenses related to the events. More information and instructions for donating can be found on the Elonvaalijat ry’s website.

Media representative: For more information email media@elokapina.me